Design & Delivery of Tailored Solutions
- to help people learn, not be taught
"When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"
Baruch's Law

Every organisation is different. Even within a business, every department has different targets and teams of individuals. We work with you to define exactly what your development needs and issues are. We do not have a pre-determined list of courses that we try to fit your issue against.

We spend time with clients having them describe the behaviour or skill they would see if the individual or team were performing optimally. We help identify the gap from current position then develop or source appropriate solutions taking into account the time and financial restraints you face.

Depending on requirements we can:

  • Design and facilitate workshops for groups of managers and staff
  • Offer experiential/action learning team events
  • Design and delivery core skills programmes
    • Negotiation Skills
    • Teamwork
    • Train The Trainer
    • Empowerment
    • Training Needs Analysis
    • Change Management
    • Consultancy Skills
  • Produce learning aids (eg to help managers coach; to prepare for Personal Reviews; to brief/de-brief course delegates)
  • Source and advise on the purchasing of training courses and development consultants
  • Design and deliver bespoke team-building events across range of functions, roles and seniorities

Do you know what the ideal performance standards are for your staff? Can you help coach and develop your team to reach these standards? If not, find out how we can help

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