Selection & Recruitment – getting the right people in the right jobs
“ will I know one when I see one?”
Robert F Mager

Making the wrong appointment can be costly in many ways. It pays therefore to ensure time, effort and resources are targeted at getting the right candidate.

You would not invest in a costly asset on the production line without considering the full specification; tolerance levels; return on investment; etc. Investing in your human assets is every bit as important.

Aim 2 Succeed can support you in choosing the best candidate for the role by:

  • Carrying out job analysis and competency profiling studies
  • Writing person specifications that identify key attributes and skills
  • Clarifying distinguishing criteria
  • Training in-house interviewers
  • Conduct Behavioural Event Interviews
  • Participating in selection panel and final recruitment decisions
  • Supporting assessment Centres to identify potential
  • Interpretating psychometric instruments to aid selection
  • Giving feedback to candidates

Margaret Hacking is registered with the British Psychological Society, and is accredited to use the assessment materials of leading British test publishers – ASE, OPP and Saville and Holdsworth.

Find out how we can help in your recruitment process by contacting us:

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