What our Clients Say…

"Working with you is always a rewarding experience. What do you do that’s different from other consultants? Unlike others you always focus significant effort on understanding what I, as the manager, expect to see, or be, different after the event. Getting these as demonstrable metrics before the event makes it easier to design the event itself and to measure the effectiveness afterwards. It forces me to spend more time thinking about, thereby better defining, the improvement I expect to see, an always beneficial but sometimes uncomfortable process of learning for me! The success of the events speak for themselves – measured both by the participants and myself. Thank you!!"
Peter Gardner, Manager, Chemical Company

 “When I needed an injection of realism for my students Margaret provided it. She is a credible and energetic presenter who can demonstrate, convince and call to action. Margaret has years of experience combined with enthusiasm for the subject, a crucial basis for her thoroughly enjoyable session on CV writing and interview practice. If preparation was ever the key to success, then Margaret could open any lock. Her subject was well researched and approached from the client's perspective.”
Cana Witt, MBA Careers Co-ordinator, Lancaster University Management School

"What a pleasure to work with you, whether it's 1:1 coaching or a workshop for 100 people you always deliver a superb solution. Not only do you listen to our needs but you challenge our thoughts and assumptions and quite often we find that we need something completely different to what we thought we needed!"
M.Rudkin, HR Manager

"Having been highly recommended by colleagues in AstraZeneca, I approached Margaret to see whether she could work with a senior team of which I am a member. Margaret worked extremely hard to identify the strengths and difficulties we had and used a variety of tools and approaches to get us to appreciate the steps we needed to take. Each member of the team came to appreciate what their own contributions could be and ways in which productivity and efficiency could be maximised.
I was very impressed by Margaret's approach, style, persistence, balance, energy and commitment. I would strongly recommend her to any organisation seeking to enhance their working arrangements and productivity. If detail is required, please get in touch with me. Margaret has been the best facilitator of Team Building I have experienced in 30 years working in ICI, GSK, Zeneca and AstraZeneca."
Professor Eric Teasdale, Director, Global Safety, Health and Environment Strategy,
The AstraZeneca Group of Companies


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